How Advanced Technology Helps Your Oral Health

When choosing a new dentist or periodontist, it is important to identify and compare the procedures offered by each prospective office. That is because there are a number of innovations occurring in the healthcare industry, in particular when it comes to oral health. These new procedures and technologies provide patients with the opportunity to have healthier smiles more easily, they make procedures more comfortable, and sometimes they even extend the life of your crowns and other dental work. If you are considering dental implants, you need to do a thorough investigation of the practitioners and the advanced dental implant technology they are using to improve your outcomes while keeping costs down.

Understanding Implant Technology

 Dental implants have been around for some time, but they have been changing in recent years. Traditional implants use titanium anchors to provide long-lasting scaffolding for tooth replacements that look natural, so your smile looks great. Working with a periodontist like Dr. Leavitt who uses cutting-edge technology means gaining a few advantages:

  • More accurate measurements of your mouth when planning your implants
  • Longer-lasting materials to preserve a healthy smile after getting implants
  • More comfortable placement thanks to advanced local anesthetics and machine-guided processes
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Increased implant strength

Considering Bridge Work vs. Implants

 Dental implants are not always the right choice, but new technologies are also helping to make bridge work more comfortable and durable. If for any reason you are not a candidate for dental implants, the doctor will be able to talk you through options like these, discussing the drawbacks and advantages of each one. That way, no matter how you approach your smile, you wind up with dental work that fits your needs now and into the future.

Contact Us for an Appointment

 If you are visiting or reside in the Las Vegas, NV area and are interested in setting an appointment for a consultation, all you have to do is call. We are happy to provide information about which insurance carriers we accept and to set times for you to have an initial meeting with Dr. Curry Leavitt.

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