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Effective Treatment for Advanced Gum Disease

Osseous Surgery Saves Gums and More

Gum disease can take hold without many noticing, but if this progressive condition isn’t treated at the onset of symptoms it has the potential to seriously damage your dental health and even your systemic health. The relatively mild initial symptoms of gum disease include red, tender gums that bleed during brushing. Untreated, the disease can continue to advance and damage gum tissue and the underlying bone. You may develop periodontal pockets and your teeth will be more likely to become loose and even fall out. Once symptoms of advanced gum disease become evident, you may have already suffered irreparable damage to your gums and jawbone. At this point, Dr. Curry Leavitt, a dual-certified periodontist, will need to perform a special advanced procedure called osseous surgery. He has extensive training and experience in treating gum issues that general practitioners don’t have. With this comprehensive treatment he goes deep under the gums to remove bacteria, and diseased tissue and bone.

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

  • Red, inflamed gums
  • Gum recession
  • Bleeding while brushing and flossing
  • Loose teeth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Discomfort while chewing
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Multifaceted Treatment

During osseous surgery, Dr. Leavitt separates the gums from the teeth to access the tooth roots, where he can eradicate any hidden bacteria using advanced laser technology. He may also smooth out the underlying bone to make it less conducive to bacterial growth, as well as remove untreatable diseased tissue using his innovative dental laser technology. This minimally invasive approach is highly effective in sanitizing areas of infection without harming adjacent healthy tissues, reducing bleeding and healing time. Osseous surgery can also reduce the depth of periodontal pockets, enabling the gum tissue to eventually reconnect with the tooth and bone. Bone grafting procedures are often done in conjunction with osseous surgery to restore deteriorated jawbone, if applicable. It’s important to note that this type of treatment will not cure gum disease, but can restore your dental health and functioning, and with proper follow-up care, keep the disease from flaring up again. It may also make you a candidate for tooth replacement options including dental implants, which can permanently restore your dental functioning, your ability to speak normally, and your confidence.

  • Osseous Surgery Can Produce Exceptional Results

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