Advanced Technology - Las Vegas, NV

Precise, Minimally Invasive Treatment

Better Care Through Technology

Dr. Curry Leavitt has always been a champion of advanced technology and has proudly led the way in integrating it into regular use. As he has continued to expand his practice’s technology collection, he’s been able to provide patients just like you with treatments that produce more reliable, positive results, can be completed more quickly, and entail less pain and recovery time. Dr. Leavitt’s extensive knowledge of cutting-edge technology and techniques have made him an in-demand lecturer at industry events and in his own Red Rock Institute, which he established right here adjacent to our office. He alone can give you the benefits of a dual-certified periodontist with all the finest equipment at his disposal.

ct scan

GALILEOS® Cone Beam CT Scanner

You may have had a CT scan at some point, whether for dental or medical reasons, but you’ve probably never had one like Dr. Leavitt can provide. Using the GALILEOS cone beam CT scanner, he can capture three-dimensional images that give him a 360-degree view of your mouth. This enables him to easily pinpoint any issues you may have with your teeth and jaws, so that he can determine whatever treatment you may need. It’s also invaluable to him in planning out dental implant placement before the procedure, ultimately producing superior results. On top of these advantages, this scanner works with a fraction of the radiation of typical CT equipment, so it’s also safer for you.

nSequence Guided Implant Surgery

Precise placement of dental implants is critical for optimal comfort, function, and esthetics. nSequence technology allows Dr. Leavitt to pre-plan the placement procedure, even virtually executing it start to finish in a sort of “test run” that will ensure the actual procedure goes smoothly. At this point he’s also able to design a physical surgical guide, which is literally a template that he places over your gums during implant placement. Custom-made to your specifications, this guide empowers him to place implant posts in the precise, predetermined locations. In fact, it’s made so that he can’t place them anywhere else!
laser 2

BIOLASE Waterlase® Laser Therapy

This small, handheld laser system holds incredible capabilities. It renders some traditional methods and tools used in treating periodontal disease and other conditions obsolete. The laser can be used to remove unhealthy, untreatable soft tissue, eliminating the need for cutting with scalpels and reducing bleeding. Unlike any piece of traditional equipment, the laser actually disinfects the treatment area of any bacteria with great precision, leaving the surrounding healthy areas untouched. The laser can also neatly seal up the surgical site, meaning no sutures are necessary. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this minimally invasive tool has revolutionized dentistry.
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Advantages of Advanced Technology

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Less pain and bleeding
  • More precise, predictable results
  • Quicker treatment times
  • More efficient appointments
  • Better understanding of your own treatment