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Dental Implant FAQs - Las Vegas, NV

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Implants Are Permanent Replacements

Missing teeth mean slurred speech, eating difficulties, and social embarrassment. More than that, they can trigger a domino effect where the jawbone deteriorates beneath the gaps left by the missing teeth, leading to more teeth falling out. You can avoid all of these issues without resorting to dentures or bridges but instead receiving a more secure, natural-looking, and long-lasting option. The superior substitute, dental implants, can restore your smile—and keep you smiling for many years to come.

  • Have questions about dental implants? This guide can answer many of them. Contact us for more detailed information about your specific case.
What Are Dental Implants?
Made up of a sturdy titanium post that takes the place of your tooth root in your jaw, an eye-catching, realistic dental crown, and an abutment to connect the other two components, dental implants are the most reliable and sought-after tooth replacement option today. They work equally well whether a tooth has already come out or is decayed to the point where it should be taken out. The main qualifications for dental implants are good general and dental health and a healthy jawbone. To meet your health needs and esthetic goals, Dr. Curry Leavitt can rebuild your smile through any number of implants.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make About Dental Implants

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Does Dr. Leavitt Have Special Training in Dental Implants?
A dual-certified periodontist, Dr. Leavitt has years of additional training in the specialty beyond dental school, including all aspects of dental implant placement and care. In addition, he founded the Red Rock Institute right here on the same property as our office to provide training to other practitioners on the latest dental implant techniques and technology. His expertise on the topic is in-demand, and he conducts many lectures each year.
Are There Different Types of Dental Implant Solutions?
Yes. Dr. Leavitt can provide all of these options to suit the specific condition of your mouth, your budget, and other factors:

1. Same Day Dental Implants
He can help you reclaim the esthetics of your smile by replacing anywhere from one missing tooth to full arches of teeth in a single appointment with same-day dental implants.

2. All-on-4
If you’re missing all of your teeth, or a single arch, All-on-4 will allow you to reclaim a full smile with minimal surgical insertions—as few as four per arch.

3. Implant Supported Dentures
You can have dentures with the added stability of dental implants. Implant supported dentures will stay firmly in place and are an economical alternative to going the full implant route.

What Kind of Implant Solution Do You Need?

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In-Person Consultation

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What Kind of Anesthesia Is Used for Dental Implant Placement?
We offer a variety of sedation dentistry treatments to fit your needs. Although not required to place dental implants, Dr. Leavitt is certified to administer IV sedation, which will keep you calm and pain-free. If you have dental anxiety, there’s no need to worry! You won’t be aware of the treatment during or after the procedure.
How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?
There are multiple factors that determine your specific dental implant cost, including the number of implants you require, sedation options, the complexity of your case, and any related procedures that you may need. We encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can determine your treatment cost and discuss the financing options we offer.
What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
At the forefront of dental technology, Dr. Leavitt uses cone beam CT scanning and nSequence guided implant surgery technology to extensively pre-plan your placement. This protocol allows for extreme precision during placement, yielding consistent exceptional clinical results—a perfect fit, minimal bleeding, shorter recovery time, and truly beautiful teeth. See for yourself.
Dental Implant Case Before and After
Dental Implant Case Before and After
Dental Implant Case Before and After
Dental Implant Case Before and After
How Long Will Dental Implants Last?
Made from durable, high-quality materials, dental implants can last the rest of your life with proper care.
Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?
No. Give your dental implants the same care as natural teeth, i.e., brushing, flossing, regular exams, and professional cleanings.
Are Dental Implants Guaranteed?
Yes! Dr. Leavitt is so confident in his skills and technology that he offers a guarantee on his work.