Dr. Leavitt

Dr. Curry Leavitt - Beyond Periodontics

Lecturer. Clinician. Entrepreneur. Father.

Finding My Passion for Periodontology and Implantology

Like most people, I hated going to the dentist and doctor when I was growing up. My first dentist didn’t create the most positive experience. While my initial impression of the field wasn’t entirely pleasant, I later encountered someone who completely changed my view on dentistry.

While working on a bachelor’s degree during my first year at the University of Utah, I met the man who would help me discover what I wanted to do with my life. He was a dentist from Salt Lake City who was charismatic, easy to talk to, and different from anything that I saw in a dentist. He became my mentor. I had intended to go into medicine, but this dentist told me that if he could do anything over again, he’d be a periodontist. I had no idea what that was, but I looked into it and discovered it was exactly what I wanted to do. From there I finished my undergraduate degree, attended dental school, and then completed periodontology certificates before going into private practice. I remain grateful to my mentor for the inspiration and advice he gave me!

dr leavitt

    Looking at Now and the Future

    Today, I like to stay on top of new technologies and procedures that make treatment less invasive and more effective for my patients. I enjoy stepping up my game professionally by lecturing to other doctors here in my own Red Rock Institute and elsewhere. To create a more dynamic environment at the office I do photography and videography, which are part hobby and part professional endeavor. I play hockey four days a week and participate in a lot of outdoor activities. Most fulfilling of all for me, however, is spending quality time with my wife—who helps me run my practice—and our four daughters.

    More About Me

    • Earned dual Certificates in Periodontology
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    • Graduated cum laude from Temple University School of Dentistry
    • Earned Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biology from the University of Utah
    • Founded the Red Rock Institute
    • In-demand lecturer and educator
    • Proud husband and father
    • Photographer/videographer
    • Avid athlete and sports fan