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A Restored Smile Starts with Bone Grafting

A decaying jawbone is often due to tooth loss, since the absence of tooth roots leaves the bone without the stimulation it needs to thrive. As the bone begins to deteriorate, your face can take on a sunken, prematurely aged appearance. There is a way to reclaim your jawbone, your teeth, and a more youthful look. Dental implants are the ideal replacement for decayed or missing teeth, but you’ll need to rebuild your jawbone mass and strength before you can enjoy the many benefits that they provide. Bone grafting is the solution.

With this innovative procedure, Dr. Curry Leavitt is able to restore your jawbone to full mass and strength, making you a candidate for dental implants and preventing further tooth loss, bacterial growth in empty sockets, and even serious systemic health effects. That means a mouth full of healthy, strong, natural-looking teeth that can last a lifetime. With them, you can experience effortless eating and speech, carefree laughter and smiles, and tremendous self-confidence.

  • Hear what bone grafting and dental implants have done for this patient!
bone grafting
  • Hear what bone grafting and dental implants have done for this patient!

Proven Bone Grafting
Procedures, Amazing Results

A pathway toward that more fulfilling life, bone grafting literally puts bone back where it belongs. Dr. Leavitt can take a small portion of bone from a donor or artificial source and place it in the area where you’ve lost bone. This graft will eventually fuse with the existing bone making you, and your jawbone, a stronger candidate for dental implants. Dr. Leavitt can then place the titanium implant posts upon which your new dental crowns or bridges will be anchored. If your upper jawbone has deteriorated, your sinus can collapse. With a sinus lift, Dr. Leavitt gently raises the floor of the sinus cavity and places bone grafting material underneath to rebuild it. As part of bone grafting treatment, he may also perform a ridge augmentation after a tooth extraction to reshape the bone to its natural appearance, structure, and esthetics. With his extensive experience, Dr. Leavitt teaches these and other advanced techniques to fellow practitioners right here in the Red Rock Institute, his own onsite training facility. Each of these treatments will work wonders for how you look and feel!

Life After Bone Grafting

  • A stronger, fuller jawbone
  • Candidacy for dental implants
  • Restored facial balance
  • A more youthful appearance
  • More stable teeth
  • Reversal of damage due to disease or trauma

See the results of bone grafting for yourself. It can do the same for you!

Bone Grafting