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Deep Cleaning to Defeat Gum Disease

Common Problems Treated with Uncommon Expertise

Swollen gums, bad breath, and gum recession are common signs of gum disease. Bacteria and tartar are often the culprits behind this shockingly common condition. CDC reports estimate half of U.S. residents age 30 or older suffer from gum disease. The severity can range from mild, a stage known as gingivitis, to extreme, a condition called periodontitis. At this advanced latter stage, the effects of the disease go beyond the gums to compromise the surrounding teeth and bone too. To halt the progression of gum disease before it reaches this destructive stage, Dr. Curry Leavitt, a dual-certified periodontist specializing in gum health, recommends scaling and root planing. These trusted treatments can remove harmful bacteria and tartar from deep below your gums in a minimally invasive yet effective manner.

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What Is Scaling And
Root Planing?

If scaling and root planing is a new concept to you, the most important fact to understand is this: During this treatment we use small, delicate dental instruments in conjunction with high-intensity laser technology to access and decontaminate hidden areas of bacterial infection below the gumline. Only practices such as ours that use laser equipment are able to destroy gum disease bacteria in a minimally invasive way that enables the treatment site to heal quickly and with minimal bleeding. A two-step process, scaling and root planing begins with carefully removing bacteria and signs of infection from underneath your gums. During root planing we go all the way down to the tooth roots, smoothing them out to both clear away existing bacteria and to keep more from developing again later. Smooth tooth surfaces deny bacteria places to attach and hide, so bacteria are less likely to flourish on your teeth after root planing.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

  • Help fight gum disease
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Avoid tooth loss
  • Clear bacteria and tartar from teeth
  • Improve and protect overall oral health
  • Enable gums to reattach to teeth
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Keep Your Gums Healthy for the Long Term

Though scaling and root planing can be highly effective in stopping the advance of gum disease, Dr. Leavitt may recommend that you undergo periodontal maintenance treatments several times per year after your initial treatment session. This will enable us to do deep cleanings, including additional scaling and root planing with laser technology, to ensure this typically chronic disease doesn’t return. You’ll be able to enjoy better peace of mind knowing that your gums, teeth, and jawbone won’t succumb to decay, leaving you with physical discomfort, an embarrassing smile, and difficulties eating and speaking.