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Guided Implant Surgery - Las Vegas, NV

Your Perfect Smile Awaits

Guided Implant Surgery Is Making Dentistry an Exact Science

Dental implants are an investment in new teeth. More than that, they’re an investment in a new life, where you’re no longer too embarrassed to smile because of missing or rotten teeth. Where you can eat your favorite foods and speak without slurring your words. Dental implants can make your confidence soar. Naturally, you want your new teeth placed precisely for a comfortable fit and a well-balanced smile. There are two factors that determine the best results. First, you need a skilled, experienced implantologist for the job. A dual-certified periodontist, Dr. Curry Leavitt has years of training beyond the dental school level in dental implants and more. His expertise in these areas is so extensive that he founded the Red Rock Institute specifically to train fellow practitioners in the latest techniques. He’s the accomplished dental implant expert you want to trust with your teeth. The best results also require a second factor beyond a proficient doctor—advanced technology.
  • See Why Dr. Leavitt Insists on Top Technology
  • See Why Dr. Leavitt Insists on Top Technology

Practice Makes Precision

Dr. Leavitt knows that doctors who use guided implant surgery technology consistently deliver new teeth that look and feel just right, and that last a long time. The unique advantages of this protocol come into play well before implant placement. In fact, that’s the core benefit of using guided technology—the ability to extensively pre-plan the procedure. Dr. Leavitt begins the process by taking 3D, 360-degree images of your mouth with his Galileos® cone beam CT scanner. In addition to using a fraction of the radiation of typical CT scanners, the cone beam enables the doctor to determine the precise position of your implants in advance. He can actually do a virtual run-through of the entire process to identify and resolve any issues before you sit down in the chair. The data that he collects is used by a company called nSequence to create a custom surgical guide that will make placement quicker and more accurate than is possible without guided technology.
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Accurate, Accelerated Placement

When you arrive for the procedure, Dr. Leavitt will first make you comfortable with the necessary level of sedation before beginning to place your implants. He’s licensed to personally provide IV sedation, a preferred option for patients with severe dental anxiety, though not required for the procedure. After removing any decayed teeth, Dr. Leavitt will fit your custom-made surgical guide over your gums and secure it into place. This is literally a template that will only allow him to insert the titanium implant posts in their correct location in your jawbone. Depending upon the type of implant solution you’ve chosen, he may be able to fit you with temporary prosthetic crowns during the same appointment, so you can return to living a normal life almost immediately.

Results You Have to Experience

Your smile is back, and so is your confidence. It may actually be stronger than it’s ever been. You can enjoy a broader, more satisfying selection of food. You can speak without trying to cover your mouth. Life after dental implant placement is full of new experiences and rediscovering past ones you thought you’d never see again. If you’re living with missing teeth or decayed teeth that can’t be saved, don’t deny yourself that new life any longer. Dr. Leavitt and his game-changing guided implant surgery technology are ready to make your dream smile a reality.