Why You Need To Care for Missing Teeth Right Away

The teeth are an important part of the body that many people take for granted until they are experiencing pain or cannot use them in some way. To lose a permanent tooth can be disorienting, but luckily, dental technology has made it possible for dental professionals to replace missing teeth with solutions such as dental implants. It is important to talk to a prosthodontist like Dr. Curry Leavitt of Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology about any missing teeth right away as waiting to take care of them could make your situation worse.

Missing Teeth Do More Than Leave a Gap

As you may remember as a kid whenever you lost a tooth, having a gap in your teeth feels strange at first. Kids have their permanent teeth coming, which helps, but adults who lose permanent teeth do not have any other teeth to fill that gap. If your tooth broke out of place, the space may be at risk for infection. Even if infection is not a factor, your gums and jawbone now have one less tooth supporting them. If left open long enough, the jawbone can start to deteriorate, putting the teeth next to the gap at risk of falling out. In addition, a deteriorating jawbone can lead to a misshapen face and make it more difficult to eat and speak.

Dental Implants May Resolve These Issues

Implants consist of a titanium post that is embedded into the jaw and sits in the bone similar to the roots of the teeth. The post fuses to the jaw through osseointegration, which also helps to prevent bone deterioration. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth – they function and look just like normal teeth and you can still eat your favorite foods without worrying about the implant slipping.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Implants are a great option for stopping the progression of deterioration that can occur when permanent teeth fall out. To find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Leavitt.

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