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Tooth Extraction - Las Vegas, NV

Although tooth extractions are typically a last course of dental treatment, they are sometimes recommended or needed. In Las Vegas, trust Dr. Curry Leavitt for professional, effective, and safe tooth extraction services.

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Comfortable, Safe Tooth Extractions

The Las Vegas Tooth Extraction Expert

Tooth extractions can be a painful process, both physically and financially.  Dr. Leavitt and his team at Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology strive to make the process as care-free as possible while on your way to better dental health.  Watch this short video about a recent patient experience and how Dr. Leavitt improved his quality of life.

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Comfortable, Safe Tooth Extractions

Although tooth extractions are typically a last course of dental treatment, they are sometimes recommended or needed. In Las Vegas, trust Dr. Curry Leavitt for professional, effective, and safe tooth extraction services.

You May Be a Candidate for Tooth Removal

Whenever possible, periodontists like patients to keep their natural teeth. However, there are some circumstances that make tooth extraction a necessary option:

Decay Damage Impacted Teeth Bone Loss Crowding Root Canal Nonresponsiveness Replace a Missing Tooth With Dental Implants Find out more by calling us at 702-984-2577 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Curry Leavitt.

If a tooth is decayed, the first objective of any dental provider will be to try to save it. If the decay has progressed too far, an extraction may be needed.

Teeth can become damaged because of many factors, such as accidents or trauma to the mouth. Although some damaged teeth are fixable, others are not.

One of the most frequently discussed types of tooth extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth can become impacted (never erupting, or only partially erupting, above the gum line.) This can be uncomfortable and cause other dental issues. By removing the wisdom teeth, the remaining teeth experience less overcrowding stress.

Advanced periodontal disease, periodontitis, eventually leads to a breakdown of bone density. If the bone surrounding a tooth is incapable of sustaining the tooth, the tooth may require extraction.

Many orthodontists request that patients have teeth removed before the placement of traditional or clear braces. This allows the teeth to move more easily into a straight position.

In most cases, root canals are an excellent way to protect abscessed (infected) teeth from extraction. However, some teeth do not respond to root canal treatment and may need to be removed.

Replace a Missing Tooth With Dental Implants

After having a tooth extraction, you should consider your options for replacing your missing tooth. While temporary prostheses or bridges can be created, there is a permanent solution: dental implants. Dental implants function like regular teeth. They are surgically embedded via a titanium-based post into the jawbone and look just like the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

To find out if dental implants are the right solution after your tooth extraction, please talk to Dr. Leavitt during your evaluation appointment.

Meet Dr. Curry Leavitt

Dr. Leavitt is a native of Las Vegas, who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Biology at the University of Utah. He graduated cum laude from Temple University School of Dentistry, where he received numerous awards in research and clinical achievement. After graduating dental school, he was accepted into the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Periodontology program, where he received training in multiple surgical and medical disciplines. Dr. Leavitt received dual certificates in Periodontology from UAB, and from the Birmingham Veterans Affairs hospital.

Dr. Leavitt enjoys teaching, and has lectured to large groups concerning soft tissue augmentation techniques, digitally guided surgery and ridge augmentation techniques. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada School of Medicines dental GPR program.

Dr. Leavitt has interests in esthetic gingival surgery, bone augmentation, and dental implant surgery, and attends and lectures at multiple meetings each year to provide cutting edge technology and techniques for the benefit of his patients.

Get the Advantages of Working With a High-Tech Periodontist

At our facility, we believe that any technologies that help us provide you with more efficient, comfortable, and reliable results are worth the investment. This makes us a little different than traditional periodontal offices in Las Vegas. It is also why so many patients trust us with their periodontal needs.

Some of our favorite leading edge tools include:

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Our entire team is dedicated to bringing you leading edge tools and techniques to speed up the time it takes for each appointment while maintaining the dependability you deserve

From the types of dental implants we utilize to our incredible laser gum surgery, we offer options that will amaze you and improve your oral health.

Forging Ahead With Bold, Proven Technology

When you make your appointment with us by calling (702) 834-8900, ask to see our world-class equipment during your initial visit. Some of the tools that we use include:

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