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Sedation Dentistry - Las Vegas, NV

Have a fear of the dentist? Get the control you need with sedation dentistry options in Las Vegas.

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Calm Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Dental Fear Is Real…and Beatable

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Are you someone who avoids taking care of your teeth and gums because you have dental anxiety? You probably are suffering from a fear that stems from one of these situations:

  • A bad dental experience
  • You are embarrassed.
  • You are afraid of injections and needles.
  • You cannot sit still easily.
  • You have an unusually strong gag reflex.
  • You have social anxiety.

Get the Dentistry You Need With IV Sedation

Are you in need of dental work that is likely to take a longer period of time? You may want to request IV sedation. Dr. Leavitt performs IV sedation himself rather than using an anesthesiologist. He is highly trained in this form of sedation dentistry, making it an excellent solution if you require complex dentistry.

Oral Sedation Local Anesthetic Nitrous Oxide IV Sedation Find out more by calling us at 702-984-2577 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Curry Leavitt.

This involves using medications to ease your mind and allow you to relax. You are always conscious during oral sedation, but you will need to have a driver to take you home after your treatment.

Local anesthetic is delivered via injection, but the area is first topically numbed. This reduces any sensation and is a good solution for patients who have a fear of needles and pain.

This colorless gas is inhaled through a special mask during treatment and gives a sense of calmness and pleasantness. When the gas is no longer needed, it is stopped. If you choose nitrous oxide, you will feel like yourself again very quickly.

For more extensive dental work, IV sedation may be the best option. This will be discussed between you and Dr. Curry Leavitt before any work begins.

Payment Options That Work With Your Budget

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Our entire team is dedicated to bringing you leading edge tools and techniques to speed up the time it takes for each appointment while maintaining the dependability you deserve

From the types of dental implants we utilize to our incredible laser gum surgery, we offer options that will amaze you and improve your oral health.

Forging Ahead With Bold, Proven Technology

When you make your appointment with us by calling (702) 834-8900, ask to see our world-class equipment during your initial visit. Some of the tools that we use include:

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Get the Advantages of Working With a High-Tech Periodontist

At our facility, we believe that any technologies that help us provide you with more efficient, comfortable, and reliable results are worth the investment. This makes us a little different than traditional periodontal offices in Las Vegas. It is also why so many patients trust us with their periodontal needs.

Some of our favorite leading edge tools include:

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