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Are you looking for a periodontist in Las Vegas, NV who stays current on the latest in periodontal advanced technology? Our office, conveniently located near Summerlin, NV and Spring Valley, NV uses minimally invasive laser gum surgery technology to effectively treat periodontal disease, with minimal discomfort or downtime!

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Fast, Safe, Effective Laser Gum Surgery

Lasers Are the Gold Standard for Periodontal Disease Treatment

Most people would never go out and buy an old-fashioned, slow typewriter now that lightning-fast computers are available. So why would you consider choosing a periodontist who uses anything but the gold standard for laser gum surgery in Las Vegas, NV?

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At our office in Las Vegas, NV, we utilize the BIOLASE WaterLase® iPlus™ 2.0 for laser gum surgery. This innovative handheld laser-based tool offers tremendous benefits over traditional hand-directed scalpels and similar instruments, including:

  • Faster appointment time without reducing efficacy
  • Less operative and post-op discomfort
  • Less bleeding at the site of treatment
  • Better precision during laser gum surgery when handled by a trained professional
  • Same cost as gum surgery without lasers

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One size does not fit all when it comes to laser gum surgery. Your surgical procedure will depend upon the stage of periodontal disease you have, as well as the problems we need to resolve. Some of the most frequently used types of laser gum surgery protocols include:

  • Removal of diseased gum and connective tissues from the periodontal pockets. The BIOLASE Waterlase® iPlus™ 2.0 will not have an adverse effect on healthy soft tissues during this procedure.
  • Recontouring of the gumline. This can be necessary if gums have been affected by progressive gum disease.
  • Removal of excess gum tissues. In some cases, patients with gum disease may have more gums than are needed. Removing the excess soft tissues can make it easier to keep the teeth free from bacteria and plaque build-up.

Osseous surgery can play an intervention role in halting the continuation of gum disease. During osseous surgery at our Las Vegas facility, Dr. Curry Leavitt will administer a local anesthetic, make an incision in the gums and gently pull the gums from the teeth. This exposes the tooth root so it can be thoroughly cleaned. The process also exposes the bone holding the tooth, which will be smoothed to promote healing.

Using handheld equipment, Dr. Leavitt will smooth the bone, making it less pocketed. With fewer places to hide, bacteria cannot grow at the same rapid rate. In addition to the smoothing of the bone, our periodontist may also perform a gingivectomy using lasers. This type of laser gum surgery removes diseased soft tissues, leaving behind healthy tissues that are encouraged to reattach to the teeth.

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Gum disease requires consistent periodontal maintenance every four to six months over and above your regular dental exams. At your periodontal maintenance appointments, your hygienist will conduct deep dental cleaning treatments. These treatments are comfortable and efficient, as well as effective. The goal of periodontal maintenance is to stop the spread of the bacteria that cause gum disease.

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Have you ever heard the term “long in the tooth?” Teeth do not really get longer, of course. They just look that way because of gum recession.

Receding gums are a common problem for many Americans and can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Progressive periodontal disease
  • Improper brushing techniques
  • Predisposition toward gum recession because of heredity
  • Thin gum tissues
  • Smoking and other tobacco use
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