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Who Is Your Periodontist in Las Vegas, NV?

You may have a general dentist as a healthcare provider, but do you have a periodontist, too?

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Why See a Periodontist?

The Difference Between a General Dentist and a Dental Specialist

From the time we are little, we are told that we need to visit a general dentist. What happens when the general dentist is not equipped to handle certain conditions such as advanced gum disease? At those points, it is important to seek out a dental specialist.

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At Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology in Las Vegas, we focus on the art and science of state-of-the-art periodontics. Periodontist Dr. Curry Leavitt focuses his practice on offering patients periodontal services beyond what a general dentist is able to provide. At our comfortable, high-tech office, you can get everything from periodontal maintenance and gum recession solutions, to dental implants and bone grafting surgery.

Extra Training and Certifications Mean Stronger Knowledge

Periodontists and general dentists have both gone through foundational dental school training, but only periodontists have advanced training and certifications. This includes an addition three years of schooling after receiving a dental school degree. More expertise means more efficient, effective solutions for you.

When to Self-Refer to a Periodontist Find out more by calling us at 702-984-2577 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Curry Leavitt.

Are you having problems with your gums, such as unusual bleeding, puffiness, or redness? Have you noticed that you have chronic bad breath that will not go away? Does periodontal disease run in your family? These are all signs that you need advice and guidance from a periodontist.

Many patients at Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology self-refer to our dental facility. There is no need to ask your general dentist for our number. Simply call (702) 834-8900 and we will set you up with an appointment as soon as possible. We will even work hand-in-hand with your primary dental provider to provide comprehensive services geared toward your specific needs and ultimate goals.

We look forward to working with you to solve your periodontal issues and help you maintain improved oral health.

Get the Advantages of Working With a High-Tech Periodontist

At our facility, we believe that any technologies that help us provide you with more efficient, comfortable, and reliable results are worth the investment. This makes us a little different than traditional periodontal offices in Las Vegas. It is also why so many patients trust us with their periodontal needs.

Some of our favorite leading edge tools include:

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Our entire team is dedicated to bringing you leading edge tools and techniques to speed up the time it takes for each appointment while maintaining the dependability you deserve

From the types of dental implants we utilize to our incredible laser gum surgery, we offer options that will amaze you and improve your oral health.

Forging Ahead With Bold, Proven Technology

When you make your appointment with us by calling (702) 834-8900, ask to see our world-class equipment during your initial visit. Some of the tools that we use include:

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