Denture Dentist

Thousands of people across the country find themselves in need of dentures each year. The reasons for tooth loss vary—some need dentures to repair damage from an accident, while others need them to make up for tooth loss due to severe tooth decay or gum disease. If you are in need of dentures, your dentist will be able to do more than simply examine your teeth and give you a diagnosis—They are the one who make fittings and ultimately create the dentures that give you your gorgeous smile back. Here are a few examples of what your dentist can do to help you with your denture process.

The exact procedures that a dentist performs for your dentures depends on your exact situation. In some cases, he or she will only need to make partial dentures to fill in a few empty spaces left by missing teeth. In other cases, if disease has spread or you've suffered a particularly bad injury, the dentist may recommend removing the remainder of your teeth and making you a complete set of full dentures.


There are lots of different dentures to choose from as well. While most patients commonly use removable dentures due to their lower cost and shorter recovery period, some patients prefer dental implants. This procedure involves a denture dentist drilling past the gum line to the jawbone. From there, the false teeth are installed by a titanium screw that keeps them in place.


In some cases, normal dentures may not be the ideal choice for you. While the denture dentist will do their best to make you a set that fits every part of your mouth, sometimes a bit of extra cushioning is necessary, particularly if your gums are prone to infection. These removable soft dentures provide extra pressure, ensuring a firmer fit without putting strain on your gums.

These are only a few ways that a denture dentist can benefit you. Contact your dentist today about which denture plan is best for you. Learn more about your new smile today!

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