Dental Implants: An Investment In Your Oral Health

What Factors Go Into The Cost of Your Dental Implants?
If you are suffering from missing teeth then you will be likely candidate for dental implants. Dental Implants are the leading tooth restoration for patients who are suffering from missing teeth because they provide a permanent solution. Dental Implants like any other cosmetic procedure can be pricey, but the benefits of dental implants are worth the cost. Also, dental implants are a lifelong investment.

Dental Implant Cost Factors to Consider:
When it comes to truly understanding the cost breakdown for dental implant there is no one way to structure it. This is because each patient receives their own customized dental implants and depending on what the patient needs are the price of their dental implants could increase based on these needs.

The scope of your procedure:
In order to ensure that your dental implants procedure is successful this requires you have enough bone density to support the dental implants. If you don’t have enough bone density, then bone grafting will need to be done before you can start the dental implant process. If you require bone grafting this will increase the cost of your dental implant procedure.

Your implant materials:
Dental Implants are constructed of three parts. The first part is the anchoring screw, then the second part is the custom abutment, and a dental crown. Titanium is used to make the screw and the abutment, and the dental crown is usually constructed of ceramic. Also, the cost of all of these materials really depends on the laboratory they were made in and the quality of the material.

Dental Implants In Comparison To Other Tooth Restoration Options
Dental Implants have a price bracket that ranges anywhere from as low as $200 to as high as $10,00 it really depends on your specific case. While the cost of dental implants might initially deter a patient from opting to get them it’s important to remember that dental implants are a lifelong investment. Meaning that when you invest in dental implants you are making an investment to better your life.

Schedule Your Consultation
Getting dental implants means improving your quality of life. No longer will you have dietary restrictions or speech issues. Schedule your consultation to meet with our doctor and discuss your dental implants financing options and overall cost. Don’t let the cost of dental implants keep you from a brighter smile.

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